Breakthrough Innovation in High Temperature Materials

Pyromeral Systems develops and manufactures advanced materials and composite parts for applications requiring resistance to high temperatures or fire barrier. Our unique technologies based on innovative inorganic polymers and glass-ceramic matrices are designed for continuous exposure to temperatures as high as 1000°C (1800°F). They provide convenient, lightweight and durable solutions for industrial processes, motorsports and aerospace applications. Pyromeral Systems brings a smart alternative when conventional composites, metals or ceramics fail to deliver the desired performance.

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Green by Nature

Since the creation of our company in 1984, inventing products and technologies that have little or no impact on the environment and the safety of the workplace has been part of our priorities. Our inorganic polymers and composite matrices do not use organic solvents and do not emit fumes. They are easy to store and discard, and safer to handle than most matrix systems for high-temperature composites. Because we care, all of our products are environmentally friendly since the beginning.

Solutions from R&D to Production

Our laboratories can develop materials tailored to your requirements. However, our expertise goes far beyond the laboratory stage. Development and production teams work hand in hand to supply prototypes and one-off parts with short lead time. We also deliver materials and parts in small to mid-size production runs. Because innovation alone is not enough, efficient and timely scale-up of our technologies according to customer requirements is an important part of our services.